Have you ever wondered how your life would be if you ever had the chance of getting married with Xelloss? Well, in this section you'll see how Xelloss would operate with different things like kids, jobs, sex, etc. I'm planning on adding other Slayers characters in the future so be sure to watcg for that!

Looks: Very handsome indeed! Xelloss definitely qualifies as a bishounen. He has purple hair down to his shoulders, a very kawaii smile and has his eyes closed most of the time, making him look even more kawaii (is that even posible? ^_^). His eyes, when opened, are amethyst and they make him look very sexy and very evil. He also has a good fashion sense (gotta love the cape...)

Personality: Xelloss has a very interesting personality. He is very mysterious and often doesn't talk about his past or his intentions, leaving anyone who he comes across clueless. And when he does say something, he always leaves the most important or relevant parts out. He is also very calm and is not easily agitated; he takes everything with a carefree attitude, which can be very irritating at times. But he's also got an evil side, seeking hurt, pain and suffering wherever he can and doing anything it takes to get to his goal. He isn't good but not entirely evil, which makes it even better. Oh, and expect him to answer "Sore wa himitsu desu" to almost anything you ask him :P

Economics: I'm not sure about this one. I think he's pretty well off. Considering he's Zellas's general/priest means he's very high up in Mazoku hierarchy. Just don't expect him to do 'regular' jobs. It's not that he can't, its just that he would probably make someone else do it for him ~_~

Household: This would be tricky, as someone like Xelloss wouldn't exactly like to do housework. However, he does seem to be able to cook (as seen in one of the Next episodes), just not GOOD... unless you have a death wish. As for kids, I think he would be good with them due to his care-free personality , keeping life in the house happy and stress-free for you and the rest of the family. He also looks extremely kawaii in an apron ^_^.

Competition: Everyone!!! :P No, I'm kidding. Actually, there doesn't seem to be ANY competition for Xelloss. Some say Filia or Lina, others Zelgadiss (O.o) but none of them are 'close' to Xelloss in that way. But warning! He is very loyal to Zellas, always following her orders, so expect a few problems.

Sex: Hmmm... sex with Xelloss would be... interesting (well, more like strange) to say the least. Due to his playful personality, it would probably be very entertaining and oh so kinky. But remember that he is a mazoku, so it would hurt a little (both to you and to him; he is a masochist). But as time passes, he will learn to care for you and be passionate during your 'relations', and as always, fun.

In laws: I thinkthe only considerable in-law here would be Zellas, although I don't know if she would be a mother-in-law or a sister-in-law.

Abilities: Amazing. His mazoku ethnicity gives him the ability to use a wide-spread assortment of shamanistic and black magic spells and curses. He can also teleport, is very skilled at subterfuge and extremely skilled at manipulating others.

Overall: A very mysterious, fun and unpredictable person, live with Xelloss would definitely be interesting. Although it might be painful at times, he will no doubt show you a softer, more human-like side to you and care and protect you. If you can stand the "Sore wa himitsu desu"s and the constant disappearing-reappearing, you should be very happy.

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