What? You don't know what a Mazoku is? Then you came to the right place. Here I'll explain all about Mazoku but first lets start with the basics. Mazoku translates to "Race of Evil", "Ma" meaning evil and "Zoku" meaning race or clan. Some people call them monsters, others demons but it all leads to the same thing: they are the bad guys. Plain and simple.

Mazoku have a very well organized hierarchy. Below is the Mazoku Hierarchy chart which explains it:

In Slayers, there are four different dimensions or worlds. The Lord of Nightmares (LON for short) created in each world two gods: a good one (a Holy Dragon) and a bad one (a Mazoku). The gods are equally powerful and are constantly fighting against each other to bring peace or chaos to the world they inhibit (LON is neutral and watches the battles). The four Dark Lords that LON created are Dark Star, Death Fog, Chaotic Blue and Ruby Eye Shabranigdu. Ruby Eye is the Dark Lord that inhabits the world that Slayers takes place in and fights against the Holy Dragon Ceified.

Each of the Dark Lords have 5 servants under them. Shabby's servants are Hellmaster, Deep Sea Dolphin, Chaos Dragon Gaav, Greater Beast Zellas Metallium and Dynast Grausherra. Each of them have a general and a priest that serve them. Below them are the lower class Mazoku that often appear throughout the series.

See? Its simple. Now to talk about the five generals:

Greater Beast Zellas Metallium
Juu-ou (Beast King)

Quite a few is known about Zellas. Her human form is that of a young woman, no older than 20, with long blonde hair and wearing lots of jewerly. She is also a heavy smoker and drinker. Her true form is that of a beast, with a wolf head, sharp claws, eagle wings and a breast plate. She is the youngest of the five and lives on Wolf Pack island, which doesn't appear on any maps. Instead of having a general and a priest, she combined them into one person: Xelloss. She is also rumored to be Luna Inverse's best friend.

Deep Sea Dolphin
Kai-ou (Sea King)

Almost nothing is known about her except for the fact that she is female, has blue hair and wears a blue dress and lives in the Demon's Sea. She and Zellas despise each other and was driven insane by Zellas. She also doesn't have any servants.

Dynast Grausherra
Ha-ou (Supreme King)

Not that much is known about Dynast. His human form is that if a young man with black hair no older than 20 or 21. He lives in the North Pole. He has two priests, Grau and Grou and a general named Sherra, a young girl but she was killed. He is rumored to be the most ruthless of the five. He's talked about in the novels but doesn't appear.

Chaos Dragon Gaav
Maryu-ou (Demon Dragon King)

Gaav appears during Next, when, after he finds out that Hellmaster wants to use Lina for something, tries to spoil his plans by killing her. The reason for this can be explained by what happened during the Kouma Senso. He was fighting with the Water Dragon and was killed. He was then reborn into a human and he blamed Shabranigdu and the others for this so he rebelled against them. Gaav has long red hair, carries a big sword and wears a trenchcoat. He can also turn into a dragon.

Hellmaster Fibrizzo
Mei-ou (Underworld King)

Hellmaster is the leader of the five and is also the strongest. In Next, he takes the form of a young boy no older than 8 and follows Lina and the others around. His reason for this is because he tries to do everything he can to get Lina to cast the Giga Slave. One of his deadliest attacks is creating a ball that represents a person's soul. If the breaks the ball, you die. His priest and general were killed 100 years ago, during the Kouma Senso.

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