Hey, no character shrine would be complete without a 'You know you're obsessed' list! Just read this list and find out if you really are obsessed with Xelloss-sama. I have to admit that I am guilty of A LOT of these *grin* but who cares, right? Oh, and if you have anything that you want to add to the list, send them to me.

You know you're obsessed with Xelloss when...

1- You dye your hair purple.

2- You have 500+ Xelloss pictures stored in your pc.

3- You don't even bother to watch the first season of Slayers because Xelloss is not in it.

4- You get purple contact lenses.

5- You keep your eyes constantly closed.

6- You end up in the hospital when you get run over by a car (see #5).

7- Your favorite color is purple.

8- You call your boyfriend Xelloss or your girlfriend Zellas.

9- You wear a dark cape all the time.

10- You carry a magic staff with you.

11- You smile all the time and your face gets stuck that way.

12- You reply "Sore wa himitsu desu" to every question.

13- You refer to yourself as 'The Mysterious Priest/Priestess' or 'The Trickster Priest/Priestess'.

14- You have a weird habit of saying "Yare, yare..." for no reason...

15- You get your hair cut exactly like Xelloss.

16- You stay up all night looking at Xelloss pics on the internet and forget to do your history homework. The next day at school your history teacher asks you if you did your homework and you reply "Sore wa himitsu desu!" and give her a cheesy grin.

17- You get sent to the principal's office (see #16).

18- You go out to eat with your friends but you don't order food, just coffee.

19- You carry a picture of Xelloss in your wallet and kiss it for good luck.

20- The walls of your room are so full of Xelloss pics that you forget the color the wall was painted.

21- You run up to your friends very excited and tell them that you are getting married. They ask you to who and you show them a picture of Xelloss. Your friends back up slowly and run away while you make out with your "fiance".

22- You make our own talismen so that they can 'amplify your magic'.

23- You can't remember the last time you had a dream that wasn't about Xelloss...

24- Your locker is a mini shrine to Xelloss.

25- You swear you've seen Xelloss hanging around in the background in the OVA's or the movies.

26-You make a webpage about him. ^_^

27- You have a ton of Xelloss desktop themes, all made by you of course.

28- You wear a long sleeved yellow shirt all the time.

29- You hear someone insult Xelloss and proceed to light them on fire(your version of the 'Blast Bomb') and smile in enjoyment at their pain (Buahahahahaha...*cough cough*).

30- You legally change your name to Xelloss Metallium.

31- You suddenly get tired and weary whenever someone says 'Life is wonderful'.

32- You find great pleasure in annoying girls/guys with long blond hair.

33- You have erotic dreams about Xelloss O.O

34- You scare your friends by popping out of nowhere.

35- All your emails/nicknames have something to do with Xelloss.

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