Welcome to The Trickster Priest's Lair, a shrine dedicated to the best character in the series Slayers, Xelloss. I'm the webmistress, Xelloss no Miko (Li for short). This is a)basically your ordinary character shrine: there's your general character stuff mixed in with my sick and twisted sense of humor and b) Xel's little hideaway for when he wants to be relieved from his duties (hence the 'lair' in the title) so don't be surprised if you see him hanging around. He takes care of the site when I'm busy ^^. If you have anything Xel related you would like to share with a fellow Xelloss obsessive, email it to me. Oh, and don't forget to sign my Guestbook before you leave! ^_^

~* I'm now taking Fan Art and Fan Fic submission for my two new sections. Xel and I would appreciate it if you sent your drawings/writings so that we may show them to other fans. If you have any, send them here.

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Xelloss has said "Sore Wa Himitsu Desu" times since April 2001!