Its a Pokémon! Its a bishounen! No! Its.... Pocket Bishounén!!! *fangirls scream and swoon in joy in the background* So, what exactly is Pocket Bishounén? Well it was this insane idea that sprung from the mind of Tokyo (the creator), which consists of trying to catch the bishounen you want by answer questions about them (although some people like to steal them *glares*).

If you don't know, bishounen is japanese for 'pretty boy' usually around the ages of 15-18 or 19 (but some call older male characters, such as Fujitaka or Kenshin, bishounen, when they should really be called biseinen (which means 'beautiful man') and there a lots of them in Anime ranging from the 'absolutely kawaii-angel type' to 'bad boy with a 'tude and no shirt' ^_^. I must say that I too have been sucked into this (I'm even on the Mailing List!).

Du-chan was the first bishounen I caught. This was before me little Xelloss obsession. If not then he'd be here instead of Duo :) (gomen, Du-chan!)

Waaaii! Xelloss looks absolutely kawaii here! He was the second bishounen I caught and my favorite (as if you didn't know already).

These are my two favorites after Xelloss and Duo. Isn't it kind of strange that my all-time favorite characters all have something to do with the color purple? Scary...

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