Xelloss Facts:

Name: Xelloss
Gender: Male
Age: Aprox. 1012
Alias: The Mysterious Priest, The Trickster Priest
Height: 5'10 to 6' ft.
Hair: Purple
Eyes: Amethyst
Quote: "Sore wa himitsu desu!"(literally means "That is a secret!")

Name: Xelloss's full name is Xelloss Metallium, Metallium because of his superior, Zellas Metallium. His name in katatana is written like this:

The three syllabes are "Ze" "Ro" "Su", which is how his name is mentioned (the u is silent). The official romanization for his name is Xelloss (this is also how its written in the trading cards) but it can be spelled in a lot of ways: Xellos (this is how SS spells it), Zellos, Zeros, Xeloss and so on.

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