Japanese Seiyuu

Name: Akira Ishida
Birth Date: November 2nd, 1967
Birth Place: Aichi
Blood Type: O
Other characters he's voiced: Kaworu Nagisa - Neo Genesis Evangelion
                                                   Yase - Outlaw Star
                                                   Shigyou Ren - Fushigi Yuugi (2nd OVA)
                                                   Kei Tsuchiya - Marmalade Boy
                                                   Seiya Uzaki Nurse - Angel Ririka SOS
                                                   Kouichi Mizuno - Tonde Buurin                                                                       Fish Eye - Sailor Moon S
Personal Opninion: Akira is one of my favorite seiyuus because he gives the characters he plays a lot of personality, especially Xelloss. I don't think anyone else could've pulled it off and if Akira-san wasn't Xelloss's seiyuu, I don't think I'd like him as much as I do.

English Seiyuu

No Photo Available

Name: David Moo
Other characters he's voiced: Jiunbo - Takegami: Guardian of Darkness
Personal Opninion: I'm sorry to anyone that likes this voice actor, but he SUCKS! He completely ruined Xel's whole interesting and mysterious personality and makes him sound really sleazy. I even read that one of his fellow voice actors didn't like his performance, either. Software Sculptors should've dumped his arse when they had the chance.

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